In 2011 the emerging Cornish spring, in glorious weather, bar one wet morning, saw sixty two people take part in various events during Boscastle Walking Week. 

Led by fourteen guides they marched up valleys, across fields and along stunning cliff tops, taking in the stunning scenery of north Cornwall. The walks itinerary catered for all ages and abilities and brought together people from all over the country.

A particular strength of this Walking Week is its intimacy and focus around a small working village. The social gatherings for coffee after walking or sharing one of the excellent value Walkers’ Meal Deals in our local hostelries are enjoyed and very much part of the Boscastle experience.

Denise Tillinghast, who organises the week on behalf of the Boscastle Chamber of Trade and Commerce, notes that next year is the Fifth Anniversary of the week that began as part of business regeneration after the flood of 2004 alongside the Food, Arts and Crafts Festival on the first weekend of October. She quotes ‘It looks like we will have do something special then for next year’ which is already booked for 23rd April 2012

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