September recipe by Stephen Marsh

Every month in the run up to the Festival in October, Stephen Marsh, Head Chef at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle, will be publishing a fantastic seasonal recipe to whet your apetite and test your culinary skills. This month's recipe is:

Megrim Sole & Seedlings - Cornish New Potatoes - Sea Beet - Capers - Vanilla – Lemon – Caviar


Firstly lets fillet the fish, (you can get this done by your friendly fishmonger). Put this to one side to cook a little later.

Clean your new potatoes and cut on an angle into even pieces, put them into a saucepan with some boiling water, a little butter and some salt. Simmer for around 10 min’s until just under cooked, you can check this with a sharp knife.

While your potatoes are cooking, we can make our Vanilla Butter and Lemon and Caviar dressing, these are both easy so here goes.

The Lemon dressing is as simple as this pour, some olive oil into a jug – 2/3 good ‘glugs.’ Using a micro plane or grater, grate the zest of both lemons straight in to the oil cut them in half after grating and squeeze the juice into the olive oil. Season with a pinch of rock salt and pepper, roughly chop your parsley and chervil and add this just before we use the dressing, if we add it too soon the herbs will perish in the oil and not look so nice. Stir in to you dressing a little of the Caviar the salty pearls of caviar will compliment the fish and lemon, a very natural marriage of flavours.

To the Vanilla butter. Melt your butter very slowly on the gas not burning or colouring it at all and simply add the seeds from the vanilla pod to the butter, and stir until there all mixed together. To take the seeds from the pod, simply running your knife down the length of the pod, cutting it half way through and scrape the seeds carefully out.

We are nearly ready to cook the fish. The potatoes can be removed from the boiling water and finished off in the vanilla butter, on the stove on a low heat for a couple of minutes.

For the sole, roll the fillets up in to little circles Season with a little salt and pepper and put into the steamer, they are going to take about 3-5 minutes and then you are ready to assemble on the plate. Just before you remove the fish from the steamer drop your Sea Beet and Seedling vegetables into the steamer for about a minute. Arrange on the plate, time to let your cheffy designs go wild..! Drizzle a little of the lemon and caviar dressing over the fish, potatoes and vegetables and Enjoy….