Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter is passionate about food, passionate about Cornwall and passionate about the close relationship of the two in the Scarlet Restaurant’s kitchen. His is a no-nonsense approach. Work with the freshest, most interesting local produce you can get your hands on, and ensure those ingredients are swiftly and sensitively handled - from field to kitchen to plate.

“The great thing about the Scarlet and being in Cornwall is that the food is always going to be as fresh and local as it food can be, and that’s something I want to shout about. I would really struggle to pinpoint anywhere else where ingredients move from field to plate so fast and that’s really exciting. Our hope is that our guests can really taste that on their plates.”

“I’ve always loved the Scarlet’s attitude to food, it’s obviously a very high level operation run by people who are very passionate about food. I am so proud to be the Head Chef. Cornwall is very special to me personally, and also offers many passionate and unique producers that I am really excited to be working with again. I have an exceptionally talented team in place and am looking forward to producing some amazing food that reflects the already outstanding reputation of the Scarlet.”