Aaron Janes

Aaron Janes

Growing up in a large family as one of six children Aaron Janes was surrounded by good food. His mother was a traditional cook, using fresh ingredients and baking fabulous cakes, his father owned and ran a successful restaurant, from here the interest and passion of chefing developed.

With a keen interest in all things culinary, Aaron craved more experience, spending a number of years in Switzerland and France, sharpening his skills under the guidance of the British Combined Culinary Art Team and legendary chef Gary Dawson. Following this experience abroad, Aaron created a vibrant international flavour. In 2003 Aaron placed his roots in Cornwall and took up position of head chef at Silks Bistro, offering a seasonal, fresh and simple menu - the three most important aspects of cooking.

Aaron recently won the Cornish Ice Cream Challenge with his Apple Pie Ice Cream Pie with Edible Orchard.