8 Tasty Ways to Promote your Food Festival

8 Tasty Ways to Promote your Food Festival

A great deal of energy, time and money will go into organising a memorable food and drink festival. Whether you’re running a smaller regional event, or one of the largest festivals in the country, there’s one common trend for organisers – selling lots of tickets.

Every festival wants to sell more tickets, reach as many new attendees as possible, and ensure it’s a great success for everyone involved. Read our quick guide covering 8 tasty ways to promote your food festival to learn how you can take your event to a whole new level. Also, it’s worth noting that your vendors may need to be sufficiently insured to deliver food.

  1. Sell event tickets in advance
  2. There are many food and drink festivals that still prefer to sell tickets upon entry. Although simple and easy, this isn’t necessarily the best model. It could be a risk as you don’t know how many people will attend until the actual day.

    If you’re not committing people to attend, they will decide on the day, affecting demand and ticket sales. It also makes it difficult to understand what level of security and insurance you’ll need. Resourcing becomes another challenge, underestimate this and you can expect long queues, overestimate this, and you could be spending a lot more than you need to.

  3. Socialise
  4. It’s highly recommended that you use social media to promote your event across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To market your food and drink festival correctly, here’s some of the questions you need to consider:

    • Which social networks does your target demographic primarily use?
    • What type of content will you share?
    • How often will you post, what hashtags have you decided upon?
    • Will you use any paid advertising?
  5. Image is everything
  6. Food and drink can be easily photographed, this also makes it a popular choice for sharing across social media.

    Aside from creating beautiful food posts, you also need to ensure that your branding is consistent across other platforms, this includes emails, posters, tickets and the event website.

  7. Encourage your vendors to promote the festival
  8. Vendors may pay to have a stall at the event, but they can also help you attract more visitors. Often, the most successful food and drink festivals are those that create strong relationships between everyone involved. You want to try and make use of every partner’s social media and community and leverage this in the right way.

  9. Multiple ticket discounts
  10. It won’t come as a surprise that many people who attend food and drink festivals will come with their friends and families. Afterall, it is a social event for most. To make your event popular, it’s a good idea to sell tickets in multiple quantities, even providing discounts. This will help you ensure your event is sold out, in addition to pleasing your vendors.

  11. Create partnerships
  12. Although vendors will be your primary event partners, you need to think about other potential partnerships to reach your target audience such as the following:

    • Local businesses such as butchers, grocers and cafes
    • Smaller media outlets
    • Food and drink associations

    Setting expectations from day one will help you nurture strong and successful relationships. You need to consider what role each party will play and its responsibilities. Transparency must be key throughout the whole communication process.

  13. Connect with popular influencers
  14. One of the most popular ways of using social media is to connect with influencers. This allows you to utilise their following to promote your event to a much larger audience.

    Generally, there are two different types of influencer marketing, these are paid and organic. If you’re going for the paid route, the amount you will pay will depend on the influencer’s following. We highly recommend that you work with influencers with a more niche and relevant following, allowing you to better reach your target audience. If you’re opting for the organic route, try to build up your relationship in advance. Offering them incentives such as exclusive behind the scenes access to brands will give them great content to share on their social media. This will help them with engaging content ideas, and give you the needed promotion to reach the right people.

  15. In-depth content

For social media, behind the scenes access with interesting and humorous content is well worth sharing. People who love food and drink are very passionate, they want to know more than just what it tastes like. They’re interested in things like where it’s sourced from, who produced it, how it’s handled etc. This is an important part of the whole experience for them.

This is why giving them behind the scenes access to the people involved in creating the product from start to finish will make them feel included, making them want to attend your event. Vendors will also appreciate this promotion as it gives them the much-needed exposure ahead of the big day.

In summary, making sure you’re taking advantage of each relevant marketing strategy for your festival will be critical to its success. We hope you’re able to make use of the above tips and create a lively and memorable experience for everyone involved.

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